Criminal Defense

Representing an individual accused of a crime is an art rather than a science. How to deal with a particular Judge or prosecuting official is just as important as knowing the law. My forty years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and my reputation as an aggressive defender of my client’s rights are well known to Judges, prosecutors and other components of the criminal justice system that I deal with on a daily basis. This enables me to be an effective advocate for my clients.

After an in depth analysis and investigation of the facts and circumstances of your case, a defense strategy is developed. All cases are unique and require individualized approaches. The goal is to work with each client to do what is best under the facts and circumstances of their case. This may consist of trial preparation or a plan to mitigate the charges.

How We Work

We treat all cases as “serious” no matter what the charge. We are well aware of the collateral consequences that a criminal conviction can have on an individual. Any case, even those that some may consider “minor” or “less serious” can result in a criminal record; loss of a license; loss of employment; large fines and penalties; and even a substantial jail sentence. Today even some non-criminal offense convictions can have a negative impact on your immigration status and result in a removal proceeding or denial of reentry.

Communication between lawyer and client is important. We respond to all calls and emails, most on the day they are received. All of our clients are well aware of what we are doing to achieve the best possible result. Clients are focused on their cases day and night. Client input is important and we make time to sit down and discuss with our clients whatever concerns they may have. No question raised by a client goes unanswered.

Quality criminal defense is not inexpensive. Do not be fooled by attorneys who advertise low fees. Going to Court one time and accepting the plea that is offered is no way to practice criminal law. We do not operate a volume practice. Much time is spent out of court meeting with clients, investigating cases, and conferencing the case with the prosecutor. Each case is given all the time and effort necessary to achieve the best possible result. We work with our clients to establish an affordable fee that can be paid over time or charged to a credit card.

Our office is available nights and weekends to handle new arrests and emergencies.