Selecting an Attorney

No matter your level of education; how “street smart” you think you are; or how mentally tough you may be, being involved in a criminal judicial proceeding is an experience like no other.  The prosecutors are there to convict you, innocent or not. Most of those in the “system” think that you are guilty just because of your arrest. No one but your lawyer is taking a critical and  impartial look at what your case is really all about.  Your lawyer is the one person who is there for you.  He will listen to what you have to say; investigate the allegations against you; and explain to you what is taking place both in-court and out.

Your criminal defense attorney is your voice in the process.  He will present to the Judge and prosecutor your side of the case.  Throughout the process he is the only one who is dedicated to protecting your interests.

When you are charged with a crime no task is more important than chosing the defense attorney who is right for you.  In a matter of this importance, using the first name that pops up in a Google search  is not the best way to select the criminal defense attorney who will represent you.  Recommendations from a friend, family member, prior client, or an attorney who does not specialize in representing those accused of crimes are the best ways to find your criminal defense attorney.   

Most  probably that is how you came to view my web site.  Most of my clients come to me based on referrals from other attorneys, judges  or former clients.  My web site is not designed to come up first on a Google search.  It is constructed to provide you with information about my background and experience, together with information about those who work with me to provide high quailty, aggressive criminal defense to our clients.