Recent Cases

Class A Felony Indictment Dismissed-Central Narcotics Part New York County

Client was indicted for possession of a large quantity of cocaine recovered from a car he was driving that was stopped for a “traffic infraction”.  Client was ordered out of car and searched.  According to the police a quantity of cocaine was found on the defendant’s person.  Car was impounded and  subjected to a trained narcotics dog “sniff test”.  The test was positive and a search warrant issued.  A subsequent search revealed a large quantity of cocaine in a hidden trap.  I sent my investigator to the area of the car stop and we ascertained that there was a number of security cameras on the street.  We located the videos relating to stop and search and they revealed that the police version of the stop and search was false.  After filing an extensive motion to suppress and providing a copy of the videos in question, the Office of  the Special Narcotics Prosecutor moved to dismiss all charges and agreed to release my client’s vehicle and a large sum of United States Currency.

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