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Murder Charge Dismissed

Client arrested for the gang related shooting of a rival gang members grandmother. After an in depth investigation, location of alibi witnesses and forensic evaluation of cell site records, after indictment, all charges dismissed.

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Not Guilty After Trial

Client accused of weapon and marijuana in his vehicle. Based upon defense DNA expert client was found not guilty of possession of the weapon. Sentenced to a fine on the marijuana.

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Client was accused of being a member of a large scale crack cocaine distribution conspiracy.  After reviewing the discovery, it became apparent that client was not involved in a crack cocaine conspiracy, but rather was a marijuana dealer.  After providing the relevant conversations to the government , the plea agreement guideline calculation was reduced from 120 months […]

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Class A Felony Indictment Dismissed-Central Narcotics Part New York County

Client was indicted for possession of a large quantity of cocaine recovered from a car he was driving that was stopped for a “traffic infraction”.  Client was ordered out of car and searched.  According to the police a quantity of cocaine was found on the defendant’s person.  Car was impounded and  subjected to a trained narcotics dog […]

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Sex Abuse Indictment Dismissed

An indictment, filed in Kings County,  accusing my client of sexual abusing his young grandson was dismissed.  After obtaining extensive medical and psychological records of both the child and other family members,  I established that the child had been manipulated by other family members in order to gain an advantage in a Family Court proceeding.    I filed a Motion to […]

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Client Found Not Guilty After Trial – Six Counts of Domestic Violence

My client was the son of a former South American Ambassador to the United Nations.  He was here on a work visa and applied for permanent resident status.  An ex-girlfriend filed charges initially accusing him of one count of assault.  She subsequently convinced the prosecution to add two additional counts against my client. A plea of guilty or a conviction […]

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Client found Not Guilty of Murder

A 70 year old client was accused of intentional murder.  After a two week trial the defendant was found not guilty of all charges.  His three year nightmare of being wrongfully accused was finally over.

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Felony Charges Dismissed

A college student was found in possession of a number of forged identification documents as he was attempting to board a plane. The client was arrested and charged with numerous felony offenses. After a series of meetings with supervisors in the prosecutor’s office, and the presentation of mitigating evidence,  we were able to convince them to […]

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Reduced Sentence in Mortgage Fraud Case

In a highly publicized case, our client, an attorney was accused of participating in a 23 million dollar mortgage fraud conspiracy. After a lengthy trial he was found guilty of bank fraud and wire fraud. We prepared an extensive pre-sentence submission and made sure that it was in the hands of the probation officer who […]

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Reduced Sentence in DUI Case

In a second driving while intoxicated prosecution, convinced the prosecution to offer a non – criminal disposition based upon the hardship that the collateral consequences of a dwi conviction would have caused our client.

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